The firm

H. Ponce Arquitectos, we are an architecture studio with 25 years of experience, we are well known as a clean and unique style in all our projects. Our philosophy is to move our clients through a perfect incorporation of different elements in construction, interior design and landscaping.

The majority of our projects pursue the rescue of the Centro Historic of Merida properties, by achieving the perfect blending between contemporary and historic architecture.

H Ponce Arquitectos has been a leader in this remarkable movement in the restoration of dozens of beautiful buildings of its former splendor, and making them very comfortable and modern houses for their owners, which has earned it multiple awards and recognitions.

We are a firm of commitment to the user, always contributing our functionalist, modern and classic style, always looking for the perfect blend with the user's personality, in addition our team is totally qualified to deliver as a final result a project that satisfies all the needs of our clients.


Our architectural designs are characterized by the relationship between exterior and interior. The interior spaces extend and connect to the exterior achieving a direct spatial relationship between the space constructed with the existing natural space. Another characteristic aspect is our proposal of functionalist architecture and that each project Is unique, thinking about the needs of the user.

An essential part of our architectural style is the use of spaces, as well as the recycling of existing materials in the properties where remodeling interventions are carried out, which manage to create a unique personality through these details in our projects.

It is important for us to use materials that allow a reduced cost of the project but which in turn give this unique added value and that allows a low cost for its continuous maintenance.


Our interior design projects are characterized by a personal approach in each proposal, we always seek harmony and beauty in relation to the architectural space.

We propose a clear and sophisticated vision through the use of different materials combining textures and colors supporting the management of lighting design. Suggesting furniture according to the dimensions of the space, function and needs of the user.

Henry Ponce Architecture & Interiors…achieving the perfect blending between contemporary and historic architecture.