Henry Ponce

After graduating with a degree in architecture in 1994, Henry Ponce began working on many diverse architectural projects in and around Merida. In 1996, he lived for one year in Pennsylvania in order to perfect his English and to further his study of both architecture and interior design. During that period, he worked in the department of design in The Architectural Studio in Easton, Pennsylvania. 

In 1997 Henry returned to Merida to continue his study of architecture, and to open his design studio and construction company. Then in 2001, he opened an interior design business named Selecto: Furniture and Accessories, which would later be merged with the architectural firm to form what is now H Ponce Arquitectos offering comprehensive design services for all types of projects, from design to construction, landscaping and interior design. 

Currently, Henry Ponce is working on projects in different cities across Mexico, North and Central America that range from restoration and renovation of historic buildings, to the remodeling of mid-century and contemporary buildings. These projects are developed with a strong attachment to local roots but with a fresh language adapted to the context in which they are located. In recent years, the Historical Center of the city of Merida has enjoyed a resurgence of restoration of the magnificent old buildings, many of which have been allowed to age and crumble into ruin. Henry has been a leader in this remarkable movement, restoring dozens of beautiful buildings to their former splendor while making them modern comfortable dwellings for their owners.

Owner / Director

Henry Ponce

The People / Design

Jefe de Taller

Ana Luisa Alducin Aguilar

Arquitecto proyectista

Rocío Bolio Ordoñez

Arquitecto Proyectista

Alejandro Ordoñez Coral

Arquitecto proyectista

Carolina Burgos Ávila

Arquitecto proyectista

Luis Dominguez Hernandez

Arquitecto proyectista

Vidaura Cardos Ramirez

The People / Construction

Jefe de Costrucción

Arq. Bejamín Palma Couoh

Supervisor de obra

Arq. Javier Ramirez

Supervisor de obra

Ing. Sebastian Olavarrieta Vila

The People/ Management

Jefe de costos

Ing. Mauricio Arguello Marenco

Jefe de Costos

Ing. Alejandra Padilla Chi


LAE. Karla Rivero Fuente


Lic. Alejandra Camino